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Remote Backup Services
If your server or PC failed would you be able to recover your
information e.g. Word and Excel documents, accounts and
payroll data, contracts, quotations etc?
Even if you believe your existing backup procedures are sufficient we will
review them FREE of charge! Thought about Remote Backup Services?

What Is Remote Backup?
Remote backup is a form of cloud computing. Remote backup is more efficient and an easier way to
back up your computer files. Your files are securely encrypted, copied, and backed up automatically
to servers in an off-site data centre. This keeps your data safe from theft, flood, fire and hard drive
Backing up your computer is generally not a priority. You forget to do it. Or maybe, you don’t know
how to do it. It is just too much hassle and can take a long time

Why Remote Backups?
Remote Backups are done automatically by software. Nobody needs to remember to do them.
Remote Backups are sent offsite. There is no need to carry or store portable hard drives.
Remote Backups are encrypted before transmission and are stored in encrypted form on the
backup servers.
Because data is encrypted, nobody except you not even we have access to your
information. Nobody can steal your data.

Why Use GemNet IT Remote Backup Services?
Packages to suit all sizes of Business
Your Backup is always off-site
All file types supported for backup
Small Business server backup, Exchange e-mail backup, SQL database backup
Strong encryption – your files are secure on our servers
Flexible retention policies
We DON’T CHARGE extra for special backup agents (Exchange, SQL etc)

For further information contact Gerard McVeigh
T. +44 (0)28 3082 8109
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